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Creating Your New You

Sometimes we all need a little help living up to our full potential. The world's best sports, business and political leaders all have someone in their corner.  Someone they trust, someone who cheerleads but also pushes them to take that extra step when they really don't want to.  


Whether it be improving your fitness, losing weight or making life changing decisions and plans, I'm here to help you.  


I'll encourage you and cheer you on.


I'll use my expertise and experience to help you find solutions, to get over self imposed limitations and to keep you moving forward.  

I'll support you in breaking through your comfort zone so you grow and achieve the results you want.  

And I'll help you change those things you really want to change so you live the life you know you deserve.




My Personal Training Programmes will help you achieve your fitness, health and body goals, giving you the physique, energy, confidence and self esteem you desire.

Together we'll assess your current exercise and nutrition, agree your goals and motivations, identify the beliefs and practical considerations holding you back and agree an exercise and nutritional plan that we'll work on together to get you moving and where you want to be.

I use Anytime Fitness on Dorking High Street as my main training base but can also provide services at private homes and gardens, public locations or remotely via Zoom.  The choice is yours!

Book a free consultation today by clicking the link below.  You've nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Personal Training


My Coaching Programmes are designed to help you achieve the things you really want to achieve and live the life you know you deserve.

Together we'll assess your current situation and clarify your goals and priorities.

I'll use my expertise and experience in NLP, Hypnosis and Coaching to help you make real breakthroughs and achieve the success you want, all through the use of video conferencing at times and locations that suit you.

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