When I’m working out I always go to failure on my last set.

When I fail to to perform one more rep I know I’ve exhausted the muscle completely. It’s been totally ripped, broken and torn.

Over the next couple of days the magic happens.

The muscles repair and as they do they think “hang on a sec, we might have to do that again. We’d best be prepared!”

And so the muscles grow back stronger and better able to handle the pressure next time. They even remember the movements and prepare for extra exertion when they detect it. This is called muscle memory.

If our biceps can do this, naturally and without fuss, then why do we find it so different when it comes to other areas of life?

Too often we see failure as something to fear, an embarrassment to be forgotten and hidden from others.

But failure is a smorgasbord of learning, and with that learning comes improvement and growth. And if we are prepared to see failure in that positive light we can grow the mental and emotional strength that helps us to keep pushing beyond our comfort zones and so achieve breakthroughs and improvement.

See failure as a friend. It will always bring opportunities for growth and make you stronger. We just need to see it that way.

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