Don’t get Locked Up by Lockdown

At last! The latest lockdown will soon end and we can go back to a semi normal life.

But habits take around a month to form or break and our behaviour during lockdown may affect how quickly we let ourselves get back to life.

It’s easy to stop things that are good for us when external events change our circumstances. We can never control external events but we can control and choose our reactions to them.

So, if lockdown is getting you down and you feel prevented from enjoying your freedom, stop thinking about what you can’t do and start thinking about what you can do.

Get out, explore, exercise at home, learn something, read, think of ways you can continue to do the things you love even if the place you normally do it is currently closed.

Keep going as best you can and don’t let the lockdown lock you up.

If you do you'll come out of this in a much better position.

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